Solar Shading

Solar Protection Systems

The importance of solar-protection systems is being realised increasingly by architects today as the demand to optimise internal climates through energy-efficient means intensifies.

Well-designed sun-control and solar shading systems can substantially reduce heat gain and cooling requirements whilst at the same time improve the natural lighting within a building. Such systems offer energy-efficient and long term sustainable solutions to temperature control issues.

Heat Gain Prevention

Applying external window shading is an effective way to prevent unwanted heat gain from entering an air conditioned area. Airsun Systems offer a wide range of external window-shading systems that are designed and engineered for vertical, horizontal and angled applications to meet the requirements of any design.

Airsun Systems aluminium and timber solar shading solutions offer an effective method of reducing heat gain and prevent internal glare whilst maintaining if not adding to the aesthetic requirements of the building. They also offer excellent protection against intrusion and vandalism, especially for low level storeys and reduce noise pollution pervading into interiors.